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Welcome to ALPHACHEM

·        ABOUT US:

Alphachem founded in Ho Chi Minh in 2012. Our focusing bring on our customers the new methods in clinical, food & feed safety detection. We have developed innovative solutions not only in the clinical but also in the pharmaceutical, agri-food industry, environment, and veterinary fields.

BTAntisera Bacteria Typing Antisera
Antisera are prepared from rabbits hyper-immunised with standard strains of killed organisms ...
SwabCheck SwabCult Viral Transport Medium / Môi trường vận chuyển mẫu virus VTM
SwabCult™ Viral Transport Media (VTM) Universal Transport Medium (UTM) The medium use for ...
ChemTest Urea HP test (CLOtest)
ChemTest™ Urea HP test is designed for the rapid identification of Helicobacter pylori in samples ...