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BTAntisera Bacteria Typing Antisera

BTAntisera Bacteria Typing Antisera
Antisera are prepared from rabbits hyper-immunised with standard strains of killed organisms possessing known serotypes or group specific antigens and contain <0.1% sodium azide as preservative.

E. coli Polyvalent I
E. coli Polyvalent II
E. coli Polyvalent III
E. coli Polyvalent IV
E. coli O157
E. coli H7
E. coli O1
Salmonella O Polyvalent A-S Omnivalent
Salmonella OMA
Salmonella OMB
Salmonella OMC
Salmonella OMD
Salmonella OME
Salmonella OMF
Salmonella OMG

Salmonella Vi

Salmonella Polyvalent H (Phase1&2)
Salmonella HMA :
Salmonella HMB
Salmonella HMC
Salmonella HMD
Salmonella HME
Salmonella HMF
Salmonella H : 1 complex
Salmonella H : E complex
Salmonella H : G complex
Salmonella H : L complex
Salmonella H : Z4 complex
Shigella Poly A (S. dysenteriae)
Shigella Poly A1 (S. dysenteriae)
Shigella Poly B (S. flexneri)
Shigella Poly D (S. sonnei)
Shigella Poly C (S. boydii)
Shigella Poly C1 (S. boydii)
Shigella Poly C2 (S. boydii)
Shigella Poly C3 (S. boydii)